SBP Seminars #6, Seminar by Dicle Kızıldere, “Are there local limits to gentrification?”

Gentrification research has long has a pivotal role on urban knowledge production. One of the consequences of this is the emergence of a sizable literature that is pointing out the destructive gentrification processes and effects of it. Yet the current terrain of gentrification research is neither adequate for comprehensive understanding nor to mitigate the negative outcomes of this phenomenon. This necessitates reflecting upon the research framework of gentrification, which is deficient in terms of contextuality and alternative forms of the phenomenon, in a more critical and nuanced way. This presentation will address this gap by converting our lens to limited gentrification process of Tophane neighborhood by focusing on context causalities of ‘unsuccessful’ but ‘resistant’ gentrification stories. Such an exploration not only crucial for providing much needed theoretical and conceptual contribution, but also helping to increase awareness to invisible forms resistance and to discover the ways to resist and limit the spread of gentrification and displacement in the current time that “the domination of capitalist interests continues to shut down alternatives of gentrification” (Lees et al., 2016, p.5).