Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020

The 2020 Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) is a call to ‘Reclaim the Future.’ This year, the annual global competition calls on students around the globe to set major change in motion by committing to addressing the current and future challenges of climate action. Focused on how ICT/technology solutions can provide radical climate change mitigation for consumers and industry alike.

How to participate

To participate in the Ericsson Innovation Awards, you must register with a complete entry by September 30th, 2020. A ‘complete entry’ means that all required questions are answered and you have registered up to 4 total team members, all of whom are current students pursuing a degree of higher academic studies.

We encourage university teams to embrace diversity and inclusiveness by bringing team members from different disciplines and be as diverse as possible – as we know diversity often leads to great innovative ideas and collaboration.

Register here.

By registering with a complete submission, you will automatically be entered to compete in the regional competition and will be eligible to be considered for the global semi-finals.

Learn more about the Terms & Conditions, and judging at all stages.