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Erasmus IPs are short programmes of study which brings together students and staff from higher education institutions of at least three participating countries. Please check out the official website of National Agency for more information.

Here you explore Department’s IPs:

Republic Workshop: Remaking the Public Space
organised as part of Erasmus Intensive Programme > 18 – 29 July 2014

The RE-PUBLIC Workshop will focus on the complex and diversified layers of public space within the context of the place-making logic. It will be a platform to rethink and remake the public space as a bridge between the past, the present and the future while emphasising the current economic-political processes and socio-spatial challenges. It will construct an interactive research and hands-on practice arena to develop a better understanding of the complex and diversified relations between space and society and the logics of place-making. While it will question the manner in which public space is transforming cities in Europe, it will identify the diversified, multi-layered and complex meaning and role of public space including the revival of cities’ image, the improvement of quality of life and liveability, influencing economic value, building inter-cultural dialogue and democracy. The core idea is to respond to these issues regarding Istanbul’s Taksim region including the Taksim Square, Gezi Park and Istiklal Street. The participants will be invited to develop their own understanding of public space and jointly produce their own place-making strategies on possible alternatives for the process of planning, designing and implementing change in public spaces in accordance to their scope, use and meaning. The RE-PUBLIC Workshop will take place in Istanbul from 18 to 29 July 2014 as a joint undertaking of four higher education institutions including Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) (coordinator), Brandenburg Technical University (Germany), KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture (Belgium), and Politecnico di Torino (Italy) combining three different disciplines working on public space – architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.

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Partners: Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) (coordinator) [Handan Türkoğlu, Zeynep Günay, Meriç Demir, Özge Çelik] • Brandenburg Technical University (Germany) [Carlo Wolfgang Becker, Christine Fuhrmann, Thomas Knorr-Siedow] • KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture (Belgium) [Johan Verbeke, Burak Pak, Livia de Bethune] • Politecnico di Torino (Italy) [Alessandro Fubini, Emanuela Saporito]