• You are allowed to take undergraduate and graduate level courses no matter in which year you are studying. Departmental master-level graduate programmes are Urban Planning (SPL) and Regional Planning (BPL).
  • Compulsory courses are obligatory only for Turkish students. You are not obligatory to take them, you are free to select courses that you are interested to.
  • In Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Erasmus students are supposed to take 30 ECTS for each term.
  • Courses which are entitled in Turkish will be given in Turkish. Please select only English entitled courses, which have code with “E”.
  • You can always select courses from other departments after the approval of your coordinator in home institution. But please pay attention to register majorly to the courses in the hosting department!
  • “BEB” coded courses has no credits. But they will be recorded in your transcript. In your transcript, it will be seen as “succeeded” or “failed”.
  • The Turkish course (TUR 101) is not a turkish language course for foreigners, it is indeed in turkish and aims to explore the evolution, structure and grammar of turkish.Instead, for foreigners to improve turkish, there are courses with the code YTO (no credits) (http://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/tr/ders_programlari/201620/yto_duyuru.htm). When course registration period is open, you can check them in http://sis.itu.edu.tr. Or you can always find a language course outside university. Please refer to ITU ESN (Erasmus Student Network) for language course options.
  • Project V and VI in the undergraduate programme concerned with legal Turkish urban law and urban development planning in Turkey. Thus, to follow the project and understand the law documents, Turkish is needed, as well as a prior knowledge on Turkish urban law.
  • For international undergraduate students the suggested projects are project 3, 4 (site planing) and project 7 (urban design), and if the proffesors approve: master planning studios. In the course registration period, student can contact to professors.
  • Attandence is a requirement for all students. 70% (for lectures) and %80 (for studios) of attendance is obligatory.
  • Enrollment period starts on August for fall semester, with the announcement of courses for the new term at http://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/eng.
  • Fall semester starts on September 19th, 2016 and Spring semester starts on February 6th, 2017.

It is very important for you to be here in Istanbul, before the first week of the semester, not to have problems about course registration process. Also please try to make ready your Learning Agreements before you come.

There are Erasmus Orientation Weeks at the start of each semester (Please check the exact dates from the Erasmus Office Website). Erasmus Office will hopefully contact to you. We advise all Erasmus students to attend these sessions.